Amin Ahmed: Interview

Featured image: Amin Ahmed|SEE DJERBA 2017 |Photo: Zied Hadded

How did you get the idea of working with light?
I think that understanding how light works is what triggerend this enthusiasm in me.
The positive layer contains openings through which electrons are able to travel. The negative portion contains innumerable free electrons that, when acted on by introduction of an electrical charge, find themselves travelling from the negative layer to the positive layer of the semiconductor through the holes, causing these electrons to emit light, so I think that when the lights switch on, something dark in the brain switches off.

What’s the best feedback you ever got?
See that the audience is enjoying my performance or work is the best reaction I could ever hope for.

Why did you agree to come to tiny Hildesheim ?
I agreed to come to Hildesheim because I’m so greatful to work with such an energetic team. I always want to perform in different sites and discover different stories linked to those sites that might inspire me to create something different .

What do you understand from „public“? What does it mean to you working in „public“?
Working in public, to me, is sharing ! We share knowledge, experiences and passion with the audience.

How did you deal with light/seeing/… as an experience?
I believe that, on a certain level, we cannot deal with light, it just shines our brain.

Please describe your perfect working atmosphere
I like it when I processes are in place, where I can set an itinerary for my actions and follow it step by step.

If you had to compare yourself to an animal, which one will you choose ?
Snakes ! because the snake symbolizes spiritual guidance. It’s the guiding spirit that leads me through my struggles with pleasures and passions, and experiencing them wisely, without guilt.

Interviewed by Hayfa Ben Mahmoud