Bojana Petkovic: Interview

Bojana Petkovic is a media artist and designer based in Bremen, Germany, where she studies a MA in Digital Media at Hochschule für Künste.
She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade with the MA degree from department of Graphic art and printmaking.

+Why did you decide to come to tiny Hildesheim and participate in the EVI LICHTUNGEN 2018?

I’ve heard about this event from Bettina Pelz two years ago and I was very lucky when I got an invitation from her to participate this year.

+What impact has „light“ on your life? When did you notice first it had one?

In my work, nature itself is the biggest inspiration. Light in Swamp orchestra plays the role of conductor, a trigger which brings sound modules to life. In this way many interesting sound patterns and repetitive processes which remind us of natural sounds of birds, insects and frogs are created. 

In Hindered sync light is used as a sign of communication between small electronic modules (fireflies) that tend to sync. Since their intention for synchronisation and balance has been interrupted by the spectator, the light is responding with certain alarming rhythm and therefore it’s not able to sync. 

+What is your definition of „public“? What does it mean for you to work in „public“ and what do you hope to achieve with installing your works in public spaces?

Public for me means available, communal and sharing. Art itself wouldn’t be visible without these three. 

+As an international artist you have exhibited in a lot of different spaces/places.How does that influence the concept of your art? Do you adapt yourself and your work to the context you are working in?

This mainly depends on the work and the concept behind. There’s a certain openness to some of my artworks that offers a unique and different experience each time. The installation set up is adjustable and mostly depends on the space i’m exhibiting in. 

+ Please describe your perfect working atmosphere.

I like to work in a shared studio with likeminded people where we can all share our ideas and learn from each other.

+What is your favourite feedback that you ever got for one of your artworks?

I can’t single out one particular feedback but what always makes me happy is when my art evokes a meditative curiosity, playfulness and the spirit of childhood in the viewer.