EVI LICHTUNGEN is an international light art project that takes place in Hildesheim for the second time. From January 25 to 28, 2018, a multitude of artistic installations and interventions in places of cultural history, religious sites, and philosophical salons will address the connection between physical properties and symbolic qualities of light. The leitmotif of the next edition of EVI LICHTUNGEN is the interplay of light as material, medium, and metaphor in art, philosophy, and religion. Artists anchored in various disciplines, cultures, and religions are invited to reflect the interdependence of physical light and its symbolism.

The current artistic exploration of light as a medium of perception, of thought and representation corresponds to the extraordinary qualities of light that research and technology are currently breaking up. The focusability down to one millionth of a millimeter and the undisturbed superimposability with up to millions of megabits per second, the highest performance with up to billions of megawatts, the shortest pulse with up to a billionth part of a billionth of a second and the speed of light as the highest achievable speed in the Universe are part of the aspects that outline the fundamental relevance of light as 21st century material.

EVI LICHTUNGEN is an exhibition project and a platform that provides a framework for contemporary art that reflects light as material, medium or metaphor. EVI LICHTUNGEN experiments with new formats for artistic articulation in public space.