2011, Danzig, Narracje l Atsara l Foto Jennifer Braun
Lichtstroeme 2012 I Atsara I Photo Jennifer Braun 021
EVI Lichtungen I Atsara I Foto Jennifer Braun-1166
Berghölzchen | Atsara: [M]ondes | Lumino-kinetic sculpture | Photo: Jennifer Braun

Atsara will be working on an outside space, instaling between the trees a luminokinetic works

The artistic team creates a site-specific intervention in the forest right behind the panorama viewpoint at the “Berghölzchen”. In front of the dark background in the forest during night time there will be a sculpture of wire in between the trees, which will function as a reflection ground for a video projection. Only where the projected picture will hit the reflective wire, it will be visible, a big part disappears in the dark surrounding. The graphic animations burst in fragments, which seem to flow through the surface of the wires. The artists describe their work with the pun of the words “onde” and “monde” (french for “wave” and “world”).

Atsara. LICHTSTROEME Koblenz 2012. Photo Jennifer Braun.
2011, Danzig, Narracje, Installation von Atsara, Foto von Jennifer Braun
LichtRouten 2013 I Atsara I Photo Jennifer Braun PQ2B0512
Reference work from 2011 to 2013 | Photos: Atsara, Jennifer Braun

Atsara is a duo composed of Roland Devocelle and Audrey Rocher, working together since 2000 in the field of plastic arts, sound arts and corporeal art. They are based in France. Roland, Born in Valencia (Spain) and trained as Ceramic modeler, Audrey, born in Agen (France), followed political studies, are rooted in the improvising art. From one artistic discipline into another, their work expands, combines, provokes, inspires, enters into resonance. Sound art and visual art become indivisible. In 2008 they started to work with projections, focusing on interplays of objects in motion as projection areas. More

Abbaye de Flaran (fr) | Möira | ATSARA | 2016


Audrey Rocher and Roland Devocelle are the artists’ collective “Atsara”. Their artistic research is dedicated to physical structures and principals as aesthetic phenomena and poetical realms. They will travel from Agen in the south of France to Hildesheim to realize a site-specific version of the installation “[M]ondes” at the outlook “Berghölzchen”. The series of works called “[M]ondes” refer to the interplay of “monde” (en: world) and “onde” (en: wave).

2016 – 2017 | Valence-sur-Baïse (fr) ABBAYE DE FLARAN
2016 |  Ljubljana (sl) SLETLOBNA GVERILA
2015 | Eindhoven (nl) GLOW
2013 | Lüdenscheid (de) LICHTROUTEN
2012 | Poland (pl) BELLA SKYWAY


Audrey Rocher
2000 | Diploma From the institute of political studies
1977 | Born

 Roland Devocelle
Self-learning training in Ceramicist Modeling Training (BTS)
1969 | Born