Church and Mosque visits

The next morning of their arrival to Hildesheim, Wadi Mhiri and Houda Ghorbel wanted to visit their sites. Every artist has one caretaker and for wadi and Houda, Syrine Siala and Juli Kriesel are the caretakers.

Our sunday started at 9.00Am with a visit to the Mosque, with Julien, to meet the community and explain the artwork of the Tunisian artists, but also to give them some technical details and agree about the work timing. ” We are pleased to work in the mosque, it’s our first time in such a sacraled space and a beautiful opportunity for both of us” wadi and houda says.

Our next step was St. Mauritius Church, where the tendem have their second installation. Accompained by Syrine Siala, Ahmed Chebbi, and Frankie, from our international team, we visited the cryptus of St. Mauritius, and discussed all together about the technical faisability of the artwork, the UV light position and the impact of the voices recording we will have during the exhibition.

Photos: Syrine Siala, Houda Ghorbel