Right and left of this text you will find a variety of aspects that are all part of the artistic conceptions. If you click on a term, all artworks that match this feature will be displayed.

Guideline to reconnoiter an artwork

What can you see?
Does the artwork create an association or a feeling?

Have you been here before? Do you know the place? What do you know about the place?
How does the artwork change the site?

Which colors occur? How is the color impression created?
Which shapes and structures are used? How are they produced? Are they related?

Which materials are used? Which qualities are connected with it? Which associations are evoked?

Which techniques are used? What distinguish these?

What role does space play? What role does time play?

Which light source is used? What qualities does it have?
Which optical phenomena can be observed? What changes while viewing?

Are there images, objects or symbols that are important in the work?
What does the artwork refer to?

Are there any connections with events in history, politics or everyday life?
Does the work encourage you to want to know more, explore, discover, or explore something?

Which art forms can the work be assigned to?
Which art direction can the work be assigned to?