First night in the city

As soon as the tunisians stepped out of the train, they found Lene Weisner and Syrine Siala waiting for them. It was 4:39 pm, it was not that cold as they noticed. I was a warm welcoming.
The program started by checking in the apartment which is 10 minutes by bus from the train station.
Aymen Gharbi went directly to the office where the project team was still working. To his surprise he discovered that Frankie who arrived a day earlier already started working on Tim Etchells installation. It was not like they met for the first time, Aymen and Frankie connected directly and started discussing about the artwork.
In the night the mixed team met in Johanna Kraft’s apartment to cook together for dinner.
The day after will be the first interaction to them with city of Hildehseim.

Photos: Ahmed Chebbi, Nour ben Hadid