Houda Ghorbel + Wadi Mhiri

Houda Ghorbel + Wadi Mhiri. Vide-mémoire. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo Sabina Von Kassel (2).tif
Houda Ghorbel + Wadi Mhiri. Vide-mémoire. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo Zied Mnif (2)
St. Mauritius and Selimiye Moschee | Ghorbel + Mhiri | On behalf of the earth and the sea

The site-and context-responsive intervention will be based on the Interference of architecture, uv-light and white thread

Copie de Ghorbel + Mhiri. Photo Wadi Mhiri (1)
Copie de Ghorbel + Mhiri. Photo Wadi Mhiri (2)
Copie de Ghorbel+Mhiri. Photo Wadi Mhiri
Copie de Installation-flottante-segou-art-contemporain-16
A ma mémoire ouverte Houda ghorbel et wadi Mhiri 4
Cercle vicieux Wadi Mhiri Houda Ghorbel
cercle vicieux houda ghorbel wadi mhiri
Houda ghorbel et wadi Mhiri A ma mémoire ouverte
Houda Ghorbel Wadi Mhiri cercle vicieux
Referential work from 2015 to 2017 | Photos: Ghorbel + Mhiri

Houda Ghorbel and Wadi Mhiri are two independent multidisciplinary artists based in Tunis, North Africa. Their works cross the genres: installation, video, performance, ceramics, and architecture of space. If they had to find a common thread in their work, the commitment and the passion for art would be the poetic vectors. The projects in common question the human body, the memory, the symbolism of identities and the religious and political culture, they are constructed through the proposed space and experience.

Referential Work 2017: Houda Ghorbeö + Wadi Mhiri: Vicious Circle | JAOU Tunis 2017 | Video: Houda Ghorbel


“So many things that happen in our world confront us with a demanding complexity of intertwined developments and constant dynamics. When we work with light, we create paintings with a spatial and a temporal dimension. They are like three- or four-dimensional metaphors that express our attitude and offer an esthetical experience to our visitors. We are hoping to spark an echo … ”

2017 | Seychelles (syc) ARTERIAL NETWORK
2017 | Houmet Souk (tn) SEE DJERBA
2016 | Tunis (tn) INTERFERENCE
2016 | Segou (ml) SEGOU’ART
2016 | Gammarth (tn) WARD W CARTOUCHE

Houda Ghorbel 
2014 | Dakar (sg) Awarded at the CENTRE SOLEIL D’AFRIQUE 11th Dak’Art Biennale
2003 | Sfax (tn) First Prize at the Ceramics Art Exhibition, PLASTIC ART GALLERY
2009 | Tunis (tn) Phd in Sciences and Artistic Techniques, INSTITUT SUPÉRIEUR DES BEAUX ARTS
1968 | Sfax (tn) Born

Wadi Mhiri
2004 | Tunis (tn) Specialisation in Photography and Visual Art
Since 2008 | Tunis (tn) Director of Pinceau Mirette Children Art Club
1986 | Paris (fr) Studies at ESMOD
1965 | Tunis (tn) Born