Judith Röder: Interview

How did you get the idea of working with light?
Impressed by historical church windows I decided to learn the technique of stained glass in a traditional manufactory, that’s how I started to work with glass and light. During my studies of fine arts/ glass I developed my own artistic works. In my installations and objects, glass and light are the omnipresent materials, I have been examining their the physical, philosophical and aesthetic properties for more than 15 years now.

What’s the best feedback you ever got?
In general, a best feedback is already to be invited to present the work to the public audience. If the work opens up something for the beholder, a sensitization, a substantive discussion…

Why did you agree to come to tiny Hildesheim ?
With EVI LICHTUNGEN it will be my first time visiting Hildesheim. I always enjoy to travel with my artworks and get to know new places through that.

What do you understand from “public”? What does it mean to you working in “public”?
EVI LICHTUNGEN brings together artistic positions that can be seen in public space, which are not initially in the context of art. Here arises an irritation, a questioning. The familiar is perceived in a new context and opens up spaces.

How did you deal with light/seeing/… as an experience?
I deal with light as a material, that is not physically tangible and thus describes a non-material substance that is still visually experienceable. Compared to glass, which is indeed material, but is visually at the transition, in dissolution through its transparency.

Please describe your perfect working atmosphere
Creative freedom in the process of individual work, collaboration with a well-organized team working towards a common aim.

Interviewed by Hayfa Ben Mahmoud