Kai Van Der Puij

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St. Bernward Kirche | Kai Van Der Puij | 1-11,5 HZ | Kinetic Installation | Photo: Jennifer Braun

The light installation 1‐11,5 Hz is a kinetic art work which studies light and contours its movement. An electric motor spins the light cable, which is in turn controlled by a frequency converter. The speed defines the shape that the cable takes.

2016 | LUX Helsinki | Kai van der Puij: 11,5 hz | Video: Kai van der Puij

The work is a study of creating space and form by moving the light. The high‐speed rotating fiber optic cable limits space within a space, creating a futuristic feeling. The speed of rotation creates an interesting optical illusion that grants light new function to form intriguing shapes and draw boundaries in the space given. This work is also a study of the relationship between the shape and rotational motion, which is revealed by the light. The piece has been created by “low‐technology”, it doesn’t use laser technology and is not animated. The used technique is part of the work and it creates the sound of the piece.
The speed of 11.5 Hz (345 rpm) creates two spherical shapes which are connected by a blank space. If the speed is increased, there will be one larger sphere. The gap between the two spheres is like a gate between two different dimensions. By increasing the speed of rotation the gate closes and it opens again if the speed is reduced. It is as if the work starts its own life, as a breathing and moving being.
When the work is set on motion, there is an interesting “seeking” period, when the fiber optic cable is forming its relationship between the speed and the length of the fiber.

Kai van der Puij (born 1969) is an architect and designer who develops and implements innovative concepts for buildings, room systems and furniture. He is regularly represented with kinetic installations at the Finnish light festival LUX Helsinki.
Kai van der Puij has graduated from Helsinki University of Technology and University of Art and Design and in 2005 he founded his own design office in Helsinki.

In the foreground stands “to create things of importance and novelty value. Often, as in this case, the idea of work becomes an obsession that must inevitably be put into practice”.

2015 | Helsinki (fi) Winter War Memorial competition
2015 | Helsinki (fi) 299 792 458 m/s exhibition

2005 |  Helsinki (fi) founded his own design office
1969 | Born in Helsinki (fi)