University Hildesheim, Seminar “Distant Refulgence”
Head of Seminar: Fransisco Vogel, Kunstverein Hildesheim.
Exhibition of the results during EVI LICHTUNGEN.

“The photograph of the vanished being touches me like the light of a star.” (Roland Barthes: The Bright Chamber)

Projected light is not only a fundamental condition of the physico-chemical or electronic process of photography, it is also one of the concepts with and through which photography can be cogitated. Following the light beam, the causal chain of light from the object through the lens onto the substrate and from there to the print is a guarantee for the index character of photography, and thus the subject of the discussion about reality, truth and deception in photography. While the usual photographic process ends in a printed surface – be it the page of the magazine, the billboard or the picture – in projected photography the ephemeral character of the photograph becomes apparent. The projections, which are shown in the Kehrwiederturm, transform the photographs into constellations that are transient, performative and include space and observers.