Kurt Laurenz Theinert

900x500. Kurt Laurenz Theinert. Foto Frank Kleinbach
EVI Power House | Kurt Laurenz Theinert: Himmelsleiter | sculpture | photo: Frank Kleinbach

The luminous installation “Himmelsleiter” of Kurt Laurenz Theinert soars eight meter in the wideness and infinity of the sky. The “Stairway to heaven” (known also as Jacob’s Ladder) is a metaphor that was used already in ancient Egypt. It is also a symbol of Christian, Jewish and Islamic culture.
The artist gives the term a visual form: his “Himmelsleiter” is a sculpture consisting of two paralleles and many crossing struts. Alternately flashing rungs constantly restructure the ladder in a seemingly chaotic manner. Each rung follows its own rhythm, and in the interplay they create a kind of luminous breathing.
A plea for individualism? Possibly, after all, every light element follows its own law and still – or to be precise, because of this – a vivid entirety is created.

Theinert, Kurt Laurenz l gespinst l Artsit wesite
Kurt Laurenz Theinert. The Skin We Call Reality. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo Amor Ben Rhouma (2)
Laurenz' collective_Street foundok les Maltais_Seedjerba17_Sam Saidani
Senckenbergmuseum Luminale Frankfurt 2012
Visual Piano open air, Lichtrouten Lüdenscheid 2010
Lightnight, Fermynwoods Contemporary Arts, 2008
Kurt Laurenz Theinert: Gespinst | Photo: Kurt Laurenz Theinert Archive

In his work, Kurt Laurenz Theinert concentrates on abstract visual experiences that do not refer to anything. On the contrary, he is striving for a reductive aesthetic. His artistic research is rooted in his creativity and intuition as much as in his artistic knowledge and experience. He is open to meaning, message or metaphorical associations that can be added by every viewer’s personal perception and background.

Kurt Laurenz Theinert | visual piano showreel


My understanding of light is rooted in photography _ designing photographs, taking them and making them, all processes are light-related and they taught me the edges, the needs and possibilities of visuality. The deeper my understanding grew, the more I wanted to share this experience – the process of appearance and disappearance or of the “happening” – with others … >>


2017 | Miamin (us) Frost Museum Of Sciences
2017 | Corby (uk) Dreaming Our Woods
2017 | Brescia (it) Cineon
2016 | Stuttgart (de) Aufstiege
2016 | Tunis (tu) INTERFERENCE
2016 | Dublin (uk) Science Gallery
2015 | Hildesheim (de) Lichtungen
2015 | Esch (lux) Public Space
Since 1995 | Regular exhibition and performance activity worldwide


1985-1992 | Stuttgart (de), STATE ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Studies of Graphic Design
1963 | Hanover (de), Born