Lukas Pfannenstiel-Odisheli

HAWK Campus Weinberg | Lukas Pfannenstiel-Odisheli: Cube-Split | Foto: Lukas Pfannenstiel-Odisheli.

Lukas Pfannenstiel-Odisheli will show the premiere of his three-dimensional, dynamic laser installation at EVI LICHTUNGEN. His work will be shown in the HAWK lighting lab on the Weinberg campus.

A bundled laser beam coming from an undefined direction hits the rotating split cube. This “multiplies” the beam/points and passes it on to the dark walls. Since only about a dozen points of light around you are recognizable and otherwise absolutely no further light is recognizable, one stands in a room that cannot be deciphered in which the eye can see something but cannot focus due to the special color and therefore hardly come up with a definite feeling.

“I have always been fascinated by large lights (e. g. Stadion spotlights), small and tiny lights (lasers or glittering Christmas lights) and of course museum and exhibition lighting. Since 2014, Lukas Pfannenstiel-Odisheli has been studying lighting design at the HAWK in Hildesheim to learn the craft of lighting design.


“The focus is on testing the human eye and brain. What do you see? How do you react? What do you feel when no room is recognizable and only one object can be seen, but the unusual monochromatic color does not make it possible to focus properly.”

since 2014 | BA “Lighting Design” at HAWK Hildesheim, Faculty of Design