Margareta Hesse

Style: "Color tone - cool"
Lichtungen 2018
Lichtungen 2018
Lichtungen 2018
Lichtungen 2018
Lichtungen 2018
Lichtungen 2018
 Käsekeller | Margareta Hesse | Light Trap | Laser-Intervention | Photos: Jennifer Braun

The „Käsekeller“ (engl. “cheese-chamber”) is a casemate, that belongs to a system of tunnels, that has been used and expanded as deposit  and shelter since the 16th century.
In this space, that has served as air-raid shelter during the second World War, Margareta Hesse will create an installation with the title “Light Trap”. 10 searing, red, bundled laser beams will float above the spectators arranged as a linear system.

A synthetic generated soundscape, a technical humming, complemented by electrical crackling noises, will fill the space.

Margareta Hesse
Margareta Hesse. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo Margareta Hesse
Margareta Hesse. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Mehdi Khemili (1)
Margareta Hesse. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Mehdi Khemili (3)
Margareta Hesse. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Mehdi Khemili (2)
Referential works from 2010 – 2017 | Margareta Hesse | Fotos: Margareta Hesse, Mehdi Khemili.

With strictly bundled beams of laser light Margareta Hesse constructs searing read lines within architectural structures. Lines, that lead through a space like the thread of Ariadne or form almost object like appearances in geometrical strength. These forms sometimes refer back to the special places of the installations.
The lines, that are embedded into the geometry of the space, do not solidify into a formalistic play despite the compositional strength, but awake connotations and emotions. This is also due to the special characteristics of laser light.
The gentle haze  makes the red laser light visible and glow like a simmering beam. Touching the object like light beam the hand grasps at nothing, but is being his by a glaring, threatening reflection of light.

A play with our visual and physical perception, with connotations, expectations and experiences.

2016 | INTERFERENCE Tunis | Bordering Light | Video: Margareta Hesse


“In my artistic works, the material has always been an important source of inspiration, because each material evokes associations.
I am fascinated by the contradictory quality of the laser light in particular, because it sometimes seems like a “thing”, but then like a nothingness between the fingers. Add to this the space, the atmospheric aura of architecture, the history of space.”


2017 | Berlin (de), Zitadelle – Galerie Alte Kaserne
2016 | Tunis (tn), INTERFERENCE
2015 | Basel (ch), ART Center – Galerie Leonhard Rüthmüller


Seit 1995 | Dortmund | Fachhochschule, Professur für Grundlagen der künstlerischen Gestaltung und Illustration
1956 | geboren