Max Sudhues

EVI Lichtungen I Max Sudhues I Foto Jennifer Braun-1168
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EVI Lichtungen I Max Sudhues I Foto Jennifer Braun-1185
Parkhaus Rose, Hildesheim | Max Sudhues | Movement Study | Photos: Jennifer Braun

Overhead Projector Installation
Not just the typical architecture of some former concrete dreams of mobility in the 60s and 70s of West-Germany, but also it’s proximity to the main-station and the red-light-district, are transforming the inhospitable parking level to the perfect place for this work. The parking level is a place where people usually don’t spent much time in purpose, but parking their cars, picking them up, in a rush. This non-place, determined by hastiness, shall be transformed to a space of movement and reflection during the EVI Lichtungen. Instead of parking cars, there will be 15 projectors:

Each projection will create new rooms in the room, stages for thoughts, emotions and reflection. The motifs that will be shown are simpel and complex at the same time: With my own hands wrapped up plastic wrap, known from each house-hold, will be draped and scanned in high resolution. The groping light ray of the scanner let the former plastic wraps sculptures become haptic, and lines of light are stressing structures, that resemble the human body or those of regular things. There can be captured movements, writhing bodies, animals, islands, planets or  abstract landscapes and gestures – that will remain in front of their deep black backgrounds.MORE
(Text: Max Sudhues)

max gibraltar
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Sudhues, Max. LICHTROUTEN Luedenscheid 2013. Photo Jennifer Braun (5) tumbmail
max solidary song
referential work 2012 – 2016 | Max Sudhues | Fotos: Max Sudhues

In an ‘obstacle course’ of installations, various projections, video loops, photography, site specific interventions and a great range of combined materials, I want to explore the boundaries of analogue and digital, light and shade. Using different projection methods – from office lamp to projector – I create images.
I want the spectator to enter an environment that is both poetic and threatening, balancing on the verge of dreams and nightmares.MORE
(Text: Max Sudhues)

2013 | LICHTROUTEN Lüdenscheid | Max Sudhues | Video: Kuno Seltmann

2017 | Celle (de) KUNSTMUSEUM
2015 | Kiel (de) KUNSTHALLE
2012 | Ekaterinburg (ru)  URAL NATIONAL MUSEUM
2011 | Chongqing (cn)  VIDEO FESTIVAL ORGANHAUS

2006-2007 | Antwerp & Ghent (be) HOGER INSTITUT VOOR SCHONE KUNSTEN Postgraduate Studies at the HISK
since 2003 | exhibitions on regularly basis, notably in Germany
2002-2003 | Frankfurt (de)  STÄDELSCHULE guest studies

1999-2005 | Münster (de) ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS