Miriam Ferstl

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 Galerie im Stammelbach-Speicher  | Miriam Ferstl | Divine Light
[Picture example as a placeholder, you will find pictures from Hildesheim here as soon as they are available]

Through her work Divine light, Miriam Ferstl is scouting sacral places from a different perspective. She takes pictures from chandeliers from below in the seek of the very center of perspective. In the variety and the juxtaposition of the different photographs, she is not just exploring the meaning of light in religions and the history of chandeliers, but also giving the possibility to discover the abstracts behind the simpel and symmetric forms. Behind the symbolic forms one can find the the interplay of object, light, and space and the profound and spiritual premonition between unity and variety.

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Referential work from 2017 Photos Miriam Ferstl

“Miriam Ferstl makes us discover a surprising beauty in sacral buildings which has always been there but remained undetected for a long time.”
(Benita Meißner, CEO and curator of the German Society for Christian art)

Reisen mit allen Sinnen l BR – Fernsehen l Autor: Boris Berg l 2017

Selected Exhibitions
2018 | Rome (it) TBC ROME
2017 | Munich (de) GALERIE ANAÏS

2009 | Bayreuth (de) B.A. theatre and media science and German literature UNIVERSITY OF BAYREUTH
1987 | Born