Philipp Mohr

EVI Lichtungen I Philipp Mohr I Foto Jennifer Braun-1652
EVI Lichtungen I Philipp Mohr I Foto Jennifer Braun-1682
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Dommuseum Lettnersaal | Philipp Mohr | The Origin | Interactive sound and light installation | Photos: Jennifer Braun

ORIGIN is an interactive sound and light installation that functions through the electrical capacity produced naturally in the body of the user. Through this artwork participants are given the opportunity to experience a world of light and sound by means of their own physical body. Origin enables its attendees to become part of a critical and poetic transition of egocentrism into a sculpturally shaped figure consisting of light, sound, and a representational object.

Origin 2017 | Skulptur: Phillip Mohr | Sounddesign: Julian Mandernach

Origin is not just an object that attracks its spectators through its formalistic aesthetics. They are invited to leave the level of simple reception to experience the performative act between the object and the spectator, between human and machine and become a n indispensable part of origin itself.

Origin invites its participants through its immediate audio-visual feedback to experiment with their own body and the consequences of interaction.

Melting point between human and machine is the first electronic music instrument Theremin, developed by the Russian physician Lew Termen 1920. The contactless application makes it difficult to play, therefore t is not very known, neither you find it spread in the musical scene.

But especially the principal of the interface , that functions without any physical contact is one of the fascinating elements within the artwork Origin: The artwork interacts with the electronica field of the human body and generates in resonance with electrodes and filigree movements so called difference frequencies that imitate acoustical and optical differences. 144 projection bodies, pointing in all directions , are generating the content of the interaction. The 360° arrangement allows to be experienced from all different perspectives, so that participants will find their own symmetry and order in the ostensible chaotic system.

The formal language of the artwork is based on the observation of an analogy among the principles of interfaces and common human action. Every single action implies goes a decision ahead – even simple ones – and in the same time, every action has a consequence to which human can react in their capacity. As every decision set up a new chain of cause and effect, that is less and less predictable or controllable the more it is distanced from ist origin.

Origin ist the manifestation and interpretation of this principle in a sculptural shape.


Selected Exhibition
2017 | Frankfurt (de) Luminale
2017 | London (gb) Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival
2017 | Arnsberg (de) DARK – Digitale Arbeiten zur Lichtkultur
2017 | Hildesheim (de) State of the Art Hildesheim
2018 | Oldenburg (de) Freie Szene Festival Banden
2018 | Giessen (de) Hungry Eyes Festival

2017 | Inter-mediale theatre production ZENSUR  with Daphne Weber
2016 | production of  „Origin“ with the sound designer Julian Mandernach
Since 2013 | Studied lighting design at the University of Applied Sciences and Art Hildesheim/Göttingen/ Holzminden
Since 2009 | Lighting technician at film productions