Raika Dittmann: Interview

Why did you agree to come to Hildesheim? What’s so special about showing your work here?
EVI LICHTUNGEN is an exhibition in which the entire city becomes a museum. This opens up a different range for art and gives artists the autonomy of their own work and at the same time a connection with other artists, the city (people) and the city (as space).

What was the best feedback you’ve ever had?
It is nice for me to find out during a conversation that, despite different interpretations, there is a consensus, a mutual understanding. Sometimes words are not even necessary. Art already communicates. If you try to explain something in words or try to explain it, some things may be lost. It is something very special when I see how someone just lets one of my works appear to me.

Describe the ideal working atmosphere for you.
My work is preceded by the fact that I let the space or place affect me, observe it. At this stage, I do not yet see myself as part of this place and do not intervene, for example by communicating with people in the place. With the intervention, I will become a part of myself. The ideal working atmosphere contains as much time and calmness as I need to understand the place.


Interview with Raika Dittmann.