Raika Dittmann

Galerie im Stammelbach-Speicher | Raika Dittmann: Chaordisch2.1 | Intervention
[This pictures only function as placeholders, as soon as pictures from Hildesheim are available there will be visible here]

Basis of the graphically installation „Chaordisch” by Raika Dittmann are drawings, in which cycles are always recognizable. This accrues by any new added element that refers to the already existing drawing respectively to previous steps of the procedure. The drawings are an interplay of light and shadow created by semi-transparent objects oscillating in the room. They consist of plastic sheets in which a variety of circular sleeves is shrink-wrapped. Small illuminants are directed on the objects, which appear to grow out of the wall by organically formed cable guides.

Referential work 2017 | Unna (de), Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst | SWITCH

“Curious to feel what is visible. Centered concentration of the concentrated. Wires growing between structures, resisting the intended room. Soil and altitude corrode together in the dark. Rotating objects counteracting transformation invariably. Volatile is the silence by the sound of the utilized and returns to the room in constantly changing light.” (Description by Raika Dittmann)

Referential Work | HBK SAAR (de), Atelier Daniel Hausig, 2016