Rainer Plum

EVI Lichtungen I Rainer Plum I Foto Jennifer Braun-1403
EVI Lichtungen I Rainer Plum I Foto Jennifer Braun-1449
EVI Lichtungen I Rainer Plum I Foto Jennifer Braun-1441
EVI Lichtungen I Rainer Plum I Foto Jennifer Braun-1446
Stammelbach-Speicher | Rainer Plum | The crystalline space | Photos: Jennifer Braun.

Drawing, graphics, painting and installations are part of Rainer Plum’s portfolio. The point of reference of his artistic examination is the line. He considers them in their graphic qualities as well as the designations of shapes and bodies.

Referential Work 2017 | Rainer Plum | LICHTROUTEN Lüdenscheid 2013 | Video: Kuno Seltmann

With the help of the element laser light I try to realize a spatial constellation, which structures the space rhythmically and allows the space, the void or the darkness, to be experienced as a force field. Seeing becomes the spectacle of an unlimited energy and lightful relationship. My vision is to realize energetic periods of time, in which the past and the future coincide presently, incessantly on the way, which opens up new periods of time…, Rainer Plum describes his work.


“I understand the public sphere as a communication platform that enables interested visitors and artists to participate.”


2013 Lüdenscheid (de), LICHTROUTEN
2012 Frankfurt (de), LUMINALE
Since 1979 regular exhibition activity, mainly in Germany


Since 2004 Aachen (de), University of Aachen, Professor for methodology of visual presentation
1994-1995 Bremen (de), HIGH SCHOOL FOR ART, Lectureship for laser technology
1991-1994 Cologne (de), UNIVERSITY OF ART FOR MEDIA, Studies of audio-visual media
1977-1982 Düsseldorf (de), ACADEMY OF ARTS, Studies of painting
1976-1977 Munich (de), ACADEMY OF THE EDUCATING ART, studies free painting
1974-1976 Aachen (de), FACHHOCHSCHULE, study of object design
1972-1973 Aachen (de), technical college, study of engine technology
1952 born in Stolberg (en)