Tim Etchells

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 Dommusuem | Tim Etchells | Something Common | Photos: Jennifer Braun

Tim Etchells is an artist and a writer based in the UK. He has worked in a wide variety of contexts, notably as leader of the world-renowned performance group Forced Entertainment and in collaboration with a range of visual artists, choreographers, and photographers. His work spans performance, video, photography, text projects, installation and fiction. He is currently Professor of Performance & Writing at Lancaster University. MORE

Referential work from 2008 to 2015 | Photo: Tim Etchells

In both performance and in art practice my work is often concerned with liveness and presence, with the unfolding of events in time and place. The place where ‘events’ happen could be an LCD monitor or a computer screen, a stage, the space of a page, a gallery, a found site, a street, or some private space – a room or a car for instance – in which a person might listen to the audio or read a text. In each work or project I seek to make something happen – stage an encounter, unleash a process, set an event in motion – which ultimately explores the dynamic relationship between the work and the viewer. MORE

London (uk) | Further Provocations | Tim Etchells | 2016

2016 | Zagreb (gr) My Sweet Little Lamb
2015 | Tangshan (cn) Art Text
2014 | Lisbon (pt) Electric Words
2013 | Paris (fr) Jeu de Paume
2011 | Durham (uk) Lumiere

Since 1984 | Lancaster (uk) Artistic Director, Forced Entertainment and Professor of Performance, Lancaster University
1984 |  Exeter (uk) B.A First Class, English and Drama, Exeter University
1962 | Born

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