Ursula Scherrer + Liliya Ben Romdhane

EVI Lichtungen I Ursula Scherrer u Liliya Ben Romdhane I Foto Jennifer Braun-2060
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Tunis | Ursula Scherrer + Liliya Ben Romdhane | Rooms within a room | Discursive Ornaments Performative Intervention

Liliya Ben Romdhane and Ursula Scherrer will incorporate the cultural heritage of Hildesheim in their artwork: they will collect sensual impressions from the city and use it in their performance at St. Michaelis, Hildesheim. The visual work of Ursula Scherrer will be combined with the vocal performances of Liliya Ben Romdhane to create an audiovisual experience that highlights the architectural aspects of the church.

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Ursula Scherrer + Liliya Ben Romdhane: Referential Works. Photos: Lena Weisner, Ursula Scherrer, unknown.

Ursula Scherrer is a Swiss artist established in the US. Her artistic path began with dance and choreography and expanded to photography, video, text, mixed media and Performance Art. She creates pictorial spaces, that connect photography as light drawing, projection as light image and light as space creating medium. A focus of her performative way of working is the translocation of thinking spaces, imaginations and souvenir pictures,  where colour, form and space are understood as temporal phenomena.

Liliya Ben Romdhane is a Tunisian architect/poet with a particular interest in viewing the public domain as a living space. For the past five years, she has chosen to follow the Tunisian public sphere, performing in Tunisian dialect and thus creating a special relationship with both ‘the Tunisian’ as a phenomenon, and the complex and undetermined post-revolution Tunisia.

This is second time Ursula Scherrer and Tunisian poet Lilia Ben Romdhan are collaborating with each other.

2017 | Worksample | Ursula Scherrer und Liliya Ben Romdhane: DISCURSIVE ORNAMENTS | Ursula Scherrer: WHO ARE YOU | Video: Ursula Scherrer

INTERVIEW | Ursula Scherrer

“Whatever I do, the core idea must come from within. Only then do I feel that it lives, that the work has an inner life. It has a lot to do with intuition. The best ideas come to me as a picture, then it goes to the elaboration. Often it is not so much about what the audience sees or hears as it is about what triggers what they see or hear in the viewer.”

2017 | Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival, STILLSTAND
2017 | New York (us) | NEAR EAR FESTIVAL, Fridman Gallery
2016 | Tunis (tn) | INTERFERENCE with Liliya Ben Romdhane, DISCURSIVE ORNAMENTS
2016 | Bremen, SHARED.museum, POST-MONOCHROM
2015 | New York, Ideas City Festival, New Museum, AFLOAT
2014 | Chongqing (cn) | Haus der Orgel, I KNOW MYSELF AND I DON’T
2014 | Guangzhou, Live 5, WRAPPED
2013 | Krems, Kunstraum Krems, ALGA

Ursula Scherrer | SELECTED AWARDS
1994| Honorable Mention | International Photography Contest | Austin TX (us)

Ursula Scherrer | DEVELOPMENT
Since 1999 | Participation in international festivals of visual art, multimedia and light art, mainly in Switzerland, Germany and the United States
Since 1997 | Photo, video, multimedia production, mainly in Europe and the United States
Since 1997 | Exhibition activities | Worldwide
2006-2007 | Curatorial activities | New York (usa)
2001-2004 | Dance collaborations for video and live performances | New York (us) / Baden (ch) / Tallin (ee)
1989-1992 | Creation of choreographic works | New York (usa)
1988-1996 | further studies in Modern Dance (Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham and Jennifer Muller) | New York (usa)
1988-1991| Dance Composition with Nurit Cohen | New York (usa)
1983-1988| Dance education in Ballet, Folk Dance, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance and Fencing | Theatertanzschule St. Gallen (ch)
Born | Schaffhausen (ch)

LINKS | Ursula Scherrer

2017 | Venice (it) | Tunisian Pavilion, Venice Biennale, THE ABSENCE OF PATHS
2017 | Malta (es) | International Festival of Mediterranean Literature
2017 | Tunis (tn) | Dream City Festival, with collective ‘Corps Citoyen’
2016 | Tunis (tn) | INTERFERENCE with Ursula Scherrer, DISCURSIVE ORNAMENTS

Liliya Ben Romdhane | DEVELOPMENT
Since 2012 | Participation in international festivals as performance artist and poet
2014 | Participation in the reading evening in Paris entitled “Women of Tunisia”
2012 | Performances in different regions of Tunisia in Tunisian dialect and animated writing workshops with collective ‘Street Poetry’
Born | 1989 (tn)

LINKS | Liliya Ben Romdhane
Festival of Mediterranean Literature
Venice, Biennale | THE ABSENCE OF PATHS