Jaap van den Elzen & Augusto Meijer - ECHO, 2020, St. Andreaskirche Hildesheim, size variable, site-specific installation with 36 Moving Heads, Sound © EVI LICHTUNGEN Photographer Sara Foerster



ECHO is an immersive, site-specific, audiovisual collaboration between a visual artist and a composer, which was developed especially for the St. Andrew's Church in Hildesheim. ECHO explores the acoustic and architectural qualities of the church through a synergetic experience of sound and light. The reverberation in the main hall of the church is enormous and very intense; there is a natural delay of several seconds. The electroacoustic composer Augusto Meijer uses these spatial qualities in a soundscape based on digitally modified samples of the church's famous organ. His sounds wander and push through the main hall, where they overlap, reinforce or attenuate each other. Jaap van den Elzen uses these properties in his light landscape to create a dialogue, a (dis)harmony between sound and light. Narrow beams of apparently massive light, moving in both horizontal and vertical directions, reflect through the space. They trace the architectural structure of the church to explore and reveal its beautiful spatial qualities in various patterns. From total chaos to hyper-structuring, the installation creates a distorted perception of space and time to become an immersive, multi-sensory environment in which visitors can linger.

PHOTOSENSITIVITY WARNING: this show uses stroboscopic effects which could potentially trigger epileptic seizures. Viewer discretion is advised. Thank you for your understanding.


Jaap van den Elzen & Augusto Meijer

Jaap van den Elzen (1977) is a light artist from Eindhoven, the city of light, the Netherlands. After graduating from the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven, Van den Elzen has worked with a wide range of lighting applications in art and (interactive) installations. His work plays with the fine balance between nature and culture, between people and technology, and has been exhibited internationally in various museums, galleries, in public space and at light festivals across the world.

The location in which his works manifest themselves has an important conceptual influence. His installations go into dialogue with the urban or architectural space for which they are designed and are more than often site specific. This results in big scale, multi-sensory experiences that completely immerse the visitors in light.

Augusto Meijer (1988) is an Electroacoustic composer from the Netherlands. He received his Master of Music degree at the Utrecht School of the Arts, after successfully completing the European Media Master of Arts degree. During these studies, he focused strongly on electroacoustic music, and various composition techniques.

His work is displayed at various international venues, including the San Francisco Tape Music Festival, the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, International Computer Music Conferences, Glow Eindhoven and many more.

In 2019, he completed a large-scale acousmatic composition featuring an immersive 32-channel speaker setup arranged throughout a five-story parking garage in Austin, Texas.




In Romanic times, the centre of the market and craftsmen's settlement shifted from the humid lowlands between Domburg Castle and St. Michael's Church to St. Andreas Church. Like the market churches in many other German bishop's towns, St. Andreas represented in the High Middle Ages the bourgeois self-confidence towards the sovereign power of the bishop (Hochstift), which was represented in the cathedral. Today, the church space is a place used for many purposes. A sophisticated concert programme with mostly choir and organ (Beckerath) and event formats that also integrate urban life into the church are characteristic.


Curt Bakeberg arbeitet am Wochenende ehrenamtlich in der Kirchenwacht der Andreaskirche und betreut und informiert Besucher*innen der Kirche. Er spricht über die Größe und Schlichtheit der Kirche, die ihn immer wieder aufs Neue beeindruckt.