Nike Kühn und Malte Taffner - ANTHROPOSCENE, 2020 | exhibition views at Kunstraum 53 © EVI LICHTUNGEN Photographer Elodie Sacher & Sara Förster



In the installation ANTHROPOSCENE, newly created for KUNSTRAUM 53, the artists* Nike Kühn and Malte Taffner explore the question of an individual utopia. In their search, they find points of contact in the survival strategies of the Prepper movement. Prepping (English 'to prepare') strives for the greatest possible self-sufficiency and often culminates in the construction of private shelters. On the other hand, they take up the ideas of an eco-movement that seeks solutions in the interaction of architecture, technology, man and nature and thus rethinks concepts of naturalness and artificiality.

Orange light, security - a paradise? That's how it first seems, and yet everything is designed by human hands, everything artificial. Nature from the DIY store shelf: fluorescent tubes imitate sunlight, a water tank could also be a cow grazing in a rural idyll. Sometimes utopia and dystopia are close together. In search of an ideal world, we take detours and go astray. From the roadsides fake news sparkle towards us, dazzling and confusing us. No more overview in the seemingly impenetrable jumble of information. What happens when there is no more trust, we see in the media worldwide every day.

ANTHROPOSCENE is curated by Maren Pfeiffer, Kerstin Rode and Valeria Slizevic.


Nike Kühn & Malte Taffner | c/o Kunstraum 53

Since 2014 Malte Taffner has been studying free art and art mediation at the HBK Braunschweig with Frances Scholz and one semester at the SEIKA University of Art Kyoto. He works sculpturally and installatively as well as with the medium of photography. Recently, kinetics and light have played a role in his work. He has participated in exhibitions in Berlin, New York and Kyoto.

Nike Kühn graduated in 2019 from the HBK Braunschweig with Thomas Rentmeister. She works mainly sculptural as well as installative and deals with objects and mechanisms of public and private security.



Kunstraum 53

KUNSTRAUM 53 is a project space for current artistic positions and their communication. Founded in 2014 by students of the Institute of Fine Arts and Art Studies at the University of Hildesheim, it combines work in progress-space and laboratory with exhibition character. Since 2016, KUNSTRAUM 53 has been operating out of a vacant commercial space in the Nordstadt district of Hildesheim on Ottoplatz, which, like the interior, is included in the activities.

The exhibition will open on 09.01.2020 and can be visited free of charge on Wednesdays from 6 - 8 pm and Sundays from 3 - 5 pm.

Kunstraum 53, Ottoplatz 7, 31137 Hildesheim,