Inner, Outer, Other Inner, Outer, Other Inner, Outer, Other Inner, Outer, Other

Sebastian Kite - Inner, Outer, Other, 2020 | Glashalle Sparkasse Hildesheim Goslar Peine | site-specific installation with inflatable, water pond, LED lighting and sound | Photographer Sara Foerster


Inner, Outer, Other

Inner, Outer, Other is a site-specific installation that transforms the central atrium of the Sparkassen Glashalle into an otherworldly experience. The work uses light, sound, mirrors, water and air to interrupt the conventional interpretation of space and its time and undermine the perception of the "real". The installation functions as a medium for self-reflection, rest and meditation. It invites you to take your time and immerse yourself in the surreal environment. The three words "Inner", "Outer" and "Other" of the title are individual elements that merge together in change and understanding. They are open entry points to guide the experience of the work. In the middle of the atrium a circular disc of bright white light appears. The light is enveloped by a flat, black plane of water that appears to expand in space. The water creates a gap between reality and the unknown by reflecting the interior and doubling the space. The audience can walk freely on the water surface and influence its appearance. The volume of air hanging in the middle of the room seems to have escaped from the light and, driven by a fan, keeps changing its perspective. Increased sound frequencies undermine the materiality, movement and presence of the mirrored sphere. The sound wanders together with its own physical presence in the room.

Realised with friendly support of Fachschule Holztechnik & Gestaltung Hildesheim


Sebastian Kite

Sebastian Kite (*1986, British-German) is an installation artist living in London. His site-specific installations, which explore the interface between art, architecture and music, use light, sound, structure, moving images, technology and performance to recreate spaces. Kite's immersive environments are created on an architectural scale based on embodied experience and the immaterial. Kite places the audience at the center of the experience, trying to break their relationship to the living space and consciously engage with their own perception.

Kite often works with choreographers, composers and filmmakers to create a collaborative practice. He has shown his work at Import Projects (Berlin), Saatchi Gallery (London), South Kiosk (London), Wanås Konst (Sweden), Arsenale (Venice), Phoenix (Arizona, USA) as well as in unconventional exhibition venues such as prisons, bunkers, train stations and industrial sites. He graduated as an architect from the Glasgow School of Art and Westminster School of Architecture in 2010, taught at UCL and Westminster School of Architecture, among others, and received the Bursary Award from the Royal British Society of Sculptors in 2015.



Glashalle der Sparkasse Hildesheim Goslar Peine

For the first time, in the course of EVI LICHTUNGEN, the English-German artist Sebastian Kite will present light art in the glass hall of the Sparkasse. The space otherwise only used by the interests of the Sparkasse is thus temporarily transformed into an exhibition space open to the public.