Hinrich Gross - Widerstandsmoment, 2020 | Projection, sound | Dimensions variable | © EVI LICHTUNGEN Photographer Sara Foerster



In his site specific installation for the Volksbank Hildesheim Hinrich Gross attempts to distort and visually break the surfaces of the 70s building. The projected image is a depiction of the preset object. In doing so, the building geometry opposes the images with its moment of resistance („Widerstandsmoment“) - a term derived from mechanical strength theory. Similar visual data build interferences which feed from the deviation of materiality.

Almost irritatingly, the realities slide across each other in various layers. The intangible power of the light deconstructs the octagonal volume of the the concrete building and leads to surprising visual defects through intertwining the materiality of the layered facades - an atmosphere that is amplified through the use of a sound loop designed by Michael Terbuyken.


Hinrich Gross

Hinrich Gross is a Hamburg-based visual artist and architect who works with light and spacial perceptions. With his light art works he operates in the intersection of phenomenological explorations and architectural interventions. Hinrich Gross uses light to investigate, trace and finally interfere with existing special structures and features.



Volksbank Hildesheim-Lehrte-Pattensen

In 1976, construction work began on the main branch of the Volksbank Hildesheim, where a nurses' hostel stood before. As the ditch around the Sültekloster used to run on this ground, the building site proved to be problematic. 430 gravel bored piles were required to make the ground load-bearing. The result was a solitary structure of solid fair-faced concrete, five storeys high and with a surface area of 4660 square metres. Renovation was carried out in the 1990s and from 2012 to 2014.
The location of the Volksbank Hildesheim-Lehrte-Pattensen building is located on the road from the north into the city centre and can be seen from afar through the large open space in front of it. For the third time, the striking façade offers inspiration for artistic work.


Ute Albrecht war langjährige Mitarbeiterin und Betriebsrätin der Volksbank. Bei einer Führung erzählt sie, wie sich das innere Erscheinungsbild des Gebäudes immer wieder verändert und verschiebt, um sich an wandelnde Bedürfnisse anzupassen.