Urban VacillationUrban VacillationUrban Vacillation

Neža Jurman - Urban Vacillation, 2020 | Kirchgarten St. Godehard Hildesheim, interactive installation with sound- and light inducing metal springs © EVI LICHTUNGEN Photographer Sara Foerster


Urban Vacillation

For EVI LICHTUNGEN, Jurman transforms the garden of the St. Godehard church into an interactive audio-visual experience. Sound-inducing metalsprings hung from various trees in the garden and movement sensors triggering light effects, co-create an interplay of random reflections, an interactive luminous microhabitat. The visitor is invited to sense how the landscape changes upon touching the springs and exploring the garden. The tree stands for the transition between nature and the world marked by humans and their modern technology. The illuminated part of the setup is complemented by the sound backdrop that recreates a mystic atmosphere.
The work is a cooperation with Svetlobna Gverila 2019 from Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Neža Jurman

Neža Jurman (*1985), also known as Nez Pez, graduated from sculpture at ALUO in Ljubljana where she received the university’s Prešeren award and ALUO award for her special contribution. Her work is characterized by recurring motives that move through different media: graphics, drawing, painting, audiovisual art and sculpture. She exhibited her works in several solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia, Italy, Germany, BiH, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. She lives and works in Ljubljana.



Kirchgarten St. Godehard

In 1133 Bishop Bernward had a Benedictine monastery and a church built in honour of his predecessor Godehards. The building was only completed after almost 50 years. During the bombing of Hildesheim in World War II the church was spared and was bishop's church until the reopening of the cathedral in 1960. Today it belongs to the parish of St. Godehard to which also St. Bernward, Holy Cross, St. Magdalenen, the Cathedral Church of St. Mary's Assumption and St. Elisabeth belong. The basilica St. Godehard is located in the old town directly at the ramparts. The University of Applied Sciences for Law and Administration, the prison and the HAWK Department of Social Work are located in the immediate vicinity. It is right in the middle of the everyday life of the city. A lovingly tended church garden belongs to the church.


Barbara Hermanns kümmert sich seit vielen Jahren um den Kirchgarten St. Godehard. Regelmäßig öffnet Sie seine Türen für die Nachbarschaft.