Karolina Halatek - SPOT, 2020, Galerie im Stammelbachspeicher Hildesheim, 400cm x 400cm x 47 cm, truss, haze, beamers © EVI LICHTUNGEN Photographer Sara Foerster



Light and fog form a volume of light inside a circle fixed to the ceiling. Visitors are invited to enter and explore the centre of the construct. They are illuminated by the continuous light cone and become the centre of the work themselves, similar to a stage. Through the fog and the harsh light the outside world is excluded, the focus is completely shifted to the visitors, whose perception is challenged by the unknown situation.


Karolina Halatek

Karolina Halatek (*1985) is a Polish artist who devotes her work mainly to light and perception. As a student of Olafur Eliasson, she sees her work as a catalyst for experience. Halatek creates site-specific, experimental spaces that encompass visual, architectural, and pictorial elements. She often collaborates with leading scientists in fields such as quantum physics and precision mechanics. The artist has shown her work in London (Kinetica Art Fair), Athens (Omonoia Athens Biennial), Edinburgh (Fringe Festival), Dubai (ECHO Festival of Art, Design and Technology), Switzerland (Morcote Public Art Biennial, Galleria Daniele Agostini, Lugano), the Netherlands (De School during Amsterdam Dance Event), France, Poland and Germany (e.g. Kunsthalle Bremen, Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig, KulturRegion Stuttgart).



Galerie im Stammelbachspeicher

The Stammelbach warehouse was expanded in 2002 on the initiative of artists from the Hildesheim Federation of Visual Artists (BBK) in the former warehouse of the company "Spiele-Meyer-Auswahl". In the atmosphere of an 80-year-old warehouse, three studios and two spacious exhibition rooms, each over 400 square metres in size, were built on two floors.