Frederik Preuschoft - beLichtungen, 2020, exhibition views at Kunstverein im Kehrwiederturm, Hildesheim © EVI LICHTUNGEN Photographer Sara Foerster



The film has intensively illuminated its original medium - photography - in several feature films. Photographer personalities, photographic images or photographic actions repeatedly become the subject of cinematic narratives in feature films.
In the exhibition, photography is re-exposed in the feature film. In installative and videographic works, filmic set pieces are detached from their original contexts, collected, reorganized, condensed, combined and transformed into experimental formats. By rearranging and compiling, images are placed in new contexts. In this way something new, something third can emerge


Frederik Preuschoft | c/o Kunstverein Hildesheim

Frederik Preuschoft is studying at the University of Hildesheim for a Master's in Staging the Arts and Media. During his studies he deals with the interrelations between film, photography and fine arts. He is particularly interested in the examination of already existing pictorial material (found footage), the different ways in which this material is used, its composition, and the way in which it is appropriated and reinterpreted. The exhibition "beLichtungen" is part of his master thesis.



Kunstverein im Kehrwiederturm

The Kehrwiederturm in Hildesheimer Keßlerstraße is the last of the originally four towers of the Hildesheim city fortifications to be preserved. The fortified tower, built of quarry stones, was first called Honser Tor after the nearby village of Hohnsen. According to legend, it owes its present name to the fact that the sound of its ringing showed the way home to a noble lady who had got lost in the adjoining forest. For the purpose of ringing home the citizens who were outside the walls, the tower was actually equipped with a bell, which was later transferred to the nearby Lamberti church. However, the name can also be derived from the almost rectangular bend of the wall below the tower. The date of the construction is contradictory. Partly the year 1456 is named, according to other sources it was built around 1300. For the 30 m high fortification tower the name "Kehrwiederturm" was established around 1600. The tower was last renovated in 1982 and has since been used by Kunstverein Hildesheim as a domicile and for exhibitions.

Kunstverein Hildesheim, Am Kehrwieder 2, 31134 Hildesheim