Licht Stein DialogLicht Stein DialogLicht Stein Dialog

mayer+empl - Licht Stein Dialog, 2020, Dommuseum Hildesheim, site-specific installation with projections, motion sensors, microphones © VG-Bildkunst, Bonn courtesy of EVI LICHTUNGEN, Photographer Sara Foerster


Licht Stein Dialog

At EVI LICHTUNGEN, the duo mayer+empl will be using double-sided projection in the new cathedral museum building and the cathedral rood screen contained within it. The rood screen is a façade rich in images and ornaments, which was made of sandstone in 1546 in Hildesheim Cathedral and manifested a physical separation between the people and the clergy. The most striking lines of the Renaissance rood screen are recorded with a depth camera and traced with light by the artists using specially developed software. The shapes are also reproduced on the outside of the building, creating a dialogue between inside and outside, reality and fiction and interaction and tradition. In the interior, the outlines of the historical wall can be alienated and distorted by citizens for the first time through the installation - an attempt to temporarily democratize the power relations.

PHOTOSENSITIVITY WARNING: this show uses stroboscopic effects which could potentially trigger epileptic seizures. Viewer discretion is advised. Thank you for your understanding.



The multimedia artists Martin Mayer (*1976) and Quirin Empl (*1980) create expansive installations using video mapping. An approach that works with the spatial conditions and the existing architecture. Form and characteristics of a space are captured and reconstructed. Their self-designed software captures changes in the space-describing data structures, which are dynamically coupled to sensor data and transmitted back into the real space in real time with video projectors. The result is a virtual space construct generated by users.




The Hildesheim Cathedrallettner shows the outline of a representative Renaissance façade and depictions of Old and New Testament scenes that are typologically assigned to each other. The overall theme of the visual presentation is the deputy sacrifice of Christ, which becomes the Eucharistic presence before the rood screen on the altar. This rood screen is unique in the world and was made of sandstone by Johann Brabender in 1546.


Jeanne Golla leitet die Vinzenzpforte, eine Anlaufstelle für Bedürftige und Einsame, die direkt neben dem Dommuseum liegt. Grenzen, die nicht starr sind, sondern sich verschieben und verändern können, wünscht sie sich für unser Zusammenleben.