For iTernityFor iTernityFor iTernityFor iTernityFor iTernity

Katja Heitmann - For iTernity, 2020, Marktplatz Hildesheim, size variable, interactive installation with projection, screens © EVI LICHTUNGEN Photographer Sara Foerster


For iTernity

For iTernity is an audiovisual installation based on the famous ballet solo "The Dying Swan". The special characteristic is that there are no physical dancers. The Swan is uploaded to the "Cloud", where it is everywhere at once and forever. The visitors can try to capture the dance of the eternally dying swan together on semitransparent screens. The screen serves as a mediator between physical our thoughts, feelings and digital reality. While a person can only capture a fragment of reality, the overall picture can only be created in a collaborative act.


Katja Heitmann

The choreographer Katja Heitmann (born 1987) was born in Hamburg and lives in Tilburg in the Netherlands. In her work she is often interested in existential questions. In her opinion, there is a current tendency towards isolation in society, which she would like to counteract with her installations.




The setting for Katja Heitmann's work at EVI LICHTUNGEN is the central square, the "the living room" of the city: the market square, which was completely restored in the 1980s. This is where replicas of historic buildings, old-looking facades and modern buildings converge.


Christine Edelmann arbeitet auf dem Wochenmarkt am Marktplatz. Welche Bedeutung dort Gemeinschaft hat, erzählt sie im Interview.