Car ShowCar ShowCar ShowCar Show

Anne Roininen - Car Show, 2020, Tunnel zur Nordstadt Hildesheim, size variable, cars, LED lights, fog machines © EVI LICHTUNGEN Photographer Sara Foerster


Car Show

On display is the work "Car Show" - a site-specific work about the city, the place and cars. The car is generally more than just an object of utility or means of transport. It is a status symbol, luxury article, expression of attitude towards life, mostly male. But it is also involved in social problems and challenges. Cars are part of climate change, take up a lot of space in cities, which is lost to people. The work will take up these topics with redesigned vehicles and in connection with the specific location create an image to which visitors can relate.


Anne Roininen

Anne Roininen (*1981) is a visual artist living in Helsinki. She is best known for her light art installations in apartment blocks, in which the apartments are illuminated in different colours. She has been working with these socially committed site-specific light art installations since 2012, creating her artworks mainly outside the galleries in the city or landscape and often in collaboration with others. She uses performance, photography, socially engaged art, light art and installation. The media are selected according to the theme, which often has to do with the boundaries between private and public space and alternative views of the environment. It aims to use art as a means of negotiating social issues and also to stimulate an exchange between different target groups. Art should be made accessible to different actors, communities, neighbourhoods and individuals. Recently, she has been engaged in research on social structures and networks in the city.



Tunnel zur Nordstadt

There are only few ways to the northern part of the city of Hildesheim. The northern part of the city is also marked in Hildesheim as a district "behind the railway". From the city centre, the Hannoversche Straße runs between the bus station and the former goods station, past a small red light district and through a tunnel under the railway line. The underpass is mainly used by car and bus traffic and is polluted by the dirt of the pigeons. During EVI LIGHTINGS this place is closed for car and bus traffic on 5 days in the evening hours. Everyone is invited to explore it on foot and at the same time to see the artistic intervention shown there. The city and regional transport will ask travellers to get off before the tunnel and to get back on buses at the ZOB behind it. An everyday place becomes an exhibition space.


Pia Chwalczyk gestaltete im Rahmen des Projekts Nordstadtwandgalerie Stromkästen und Fassaden in der Nordstadt. Kunst im öffentlichen Raum zu machen, verbindet für sie Menschen und Orte.