Regenerative RealitätRegenerative RealitätRegenerative RealitätRegenerative Realität

Verena Witthuhn - Regenerative Realität, 2020 | performance with robotic arm, dichroic foil, spotlights | © EVI LICHTUNGEN Photographer Sara Foerster


Regenerative Realität

The performance shows images of abstract structures and forms that can trigger different associations in viewers. In slow movements they morph into something new, as if they were growing and developing. Here, light becomes the image-producing moment. The work "enjoys" the process and shows the current state of development. The experiment compares human empathic and technically controlled processes and their effect on perception.
Access is possible for five people every 15 minutes.


Verena Witthuhn

Verena Witthuhn (*1986), resident in Hanover, studies design at the HAWK Hildesheim.



Raumlabor der HAWK

The space laboratory consists of a total of six interconnected overseas freight containers and a roof terrace in the style of a ship's deck. It is located on the HAWK design campus in Hildesheim and is an open design and experimental space.