Gymnasium Himmelsthür - [frei]raum, 2020 | exhibition view | © EVI LICHTUNGEN Photographer Sara Foerster



In our daily life many things that surround us get out of sight. We perceive a lot of things just unconsciously, for example, the indoor and outdoor spaces where we move in our everyday life. We pass by the vacant stores in the pedestrian area as self-evidently as by train stations or the unused corners in our own home. Together with students of the University of Hildesheim, students of the 9th and 10th grade of Gymnasium Himmelsthür had a workshop where they dealt with the perception of rooms and what kind of role light can play there. They experimented with different materials and techniques and found ways to discover spaces and make “non-sites” visible. In small groups, the students created works that take up the relation of light and space.
In another workshop, students of the 9th grade experimented with the extreme contrasts of light and darkness. The participants became light-directors and got inspired by the old masters of the High Renaissance. They worked alternatingly in the dark and in light. As final work everyone created portraits of a partner that are illuminated by different light effects.

Vernissage: Thursday, 23.01., 8pm Opened during the opening times of the festival
End of the exhibition: Sunday, 26.01., 9.30pm

The cooperation with Gymnasium Himmelsthür was realised as part of LICHT.AN.SICHTEN, the children's and youth program of EVI LICHTUNGEN 2020. According to the festival motto “Sharing heritage” and “sharing contemporary spaces”, we would like to understand public space as a shared space for many. This includes children and adolescents. The program invites young people and children to make their perspectives on the city and the light art shown visible.
Funded by the VGH Foundation and Förderverein des Gymnasium Himmelsthür


Kooperation mit Gym. Himmelsthür

Students of the 9th and 10th grade from Gymnasium Himmelsthür. The workshops were given by the cultural mediators Gina Lang, Emily Garms, Paula Nitsche, Franziska Pommerening, Nuria May Çölgeçen, Franziska Fronhöfer and Viola Gerber. They were supported by the teachers Heide Junker, Felix Blohmer and Judit Buck.



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